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Newjoy Laura Bedroom Furniture Set

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Newjoy Laura Children's Bunk Bed
452 £452.00

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Newjoy Laura Traditional Single Bed Frame
302 £302.00
Newjoy Laura Traditional Small Double Bed
327 £327.00

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Newjoy Laura 2 Door Wardrobe
540 £540.00
Newjoy Laura 3 Door Wardrobe
639 £639.00

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Newjoy Laura Dresser Drawers
383 £383.00
Newjoy Laura Traditional Mirror Dresser Top
145 £145.00

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Newjoy Laura Bedside Cabinet
128 £128.00

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Newjoy Laura Traditional Children's Desk
338 £338.00

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Newjoy Laura Traditional Desk Hutch
222 £222.00

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Newjoy Laura Traditional Bookcase
300 £300.00

Quick Overview
Newjoy Laura Children's Bedroom Furniture Collection

Newjoy Laura Single Bed (3ft): W97cm x D206cm x H105cm
Newjoy Laura Small Double (4ft): W127cm x D206cm x H105cm
Newjoy Laura Bunk Bed: W100cm x D210cm x H175cm
Newjoy Laura 2 Door Wardrobe: W104cm x D63cm x H203cm
Newjoy Laura 3 Door Wardrobe: W140cm x D63cm x H203cm
Newjoy Laura Dresser Drawers: W102cm x D48cm x H95cm
Newjoy Laura Dresser Top Mirror: W100cm x D3cm x H74cm
Newjoy Laura Night Stand: W54cm x D45cm x H45cm
Newjoy Laura Desk: W140cm x D61cm x H75cm
Newjoy Laura Desk Hutch: W138cm x D25cm x H85cm
Newjoy Laura Bookcase: W85cm x D45cm x H174cm


The Newjoy Laura bedroom furniture set comprises of a variety of stylish products suitable for a wide variety of age groups, the timeless styling makes the Laura range appealing to children and teenagers.

The Newjoy Laura range includes bed frames, a bunk bed, 2 and 3 door wardrobes, dresser drawers, a mirror, a traditional desk with optional hutch and a bookcase.

The Laura furniture is finished in a combination of white and wood with intricate flower detailing, the detail finishing is applied using state of the art UV printing, resulting in an attractive but hard wearing finish that doesn;t deteriorate when household cleaning products are applied.

Click on any of the products to view a more detailed information page for that particular product.

As with all Newjoy products the Laura collection is manufactured to the highest standards using only quality, safe materials. All of the products have been tested to meet European standards and Newjoy provide a 2 year manufacturer's warranty so you can purchase with confidence.

Multiple purchases will be eligible for a discount.

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