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Chemical Free Furniture

Wednesday, 12 February 2014 11:20:46 Europe/London

How Can the Wrong Furniture Harm my Baby or Child?

All parents want to ensure that their little ones are sleeping and growing in a safe environment that gives them the healthiest start in life. It is therefore surprising just how many nursery and children's furniture products that are sold in the UK contain harmful chemicals and toxins. Many furniture units emit toxic fumes called Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC's), many of these VOC's can affect lungs and respiratory systems. To a fully grown adult these VOC's do not cause damage but to a baby or child, with smaller more delicate lungs that breathe more frequently the VOC's can cause damage. The younger the child the more damaging the VOC's can be. It should also be recognised that pregnant mothers should also stay away from any material which could emit VOC's.

Where do the VOC's Come From?

The most common cause of VOC emissions come from paint, this applies to the paint that you use to decorate your room but also the paint used in furniture. Oil based paints are particularly bad for emitting VOC's, water based paints are better but still often emit some VOC's. There are some non-VOC paints available on the market, which do not emit VOC's at all but the quality and durability of the finish is often not up to the same standard as traditional paints.

Why are Product's Which Emit VOC's Available to Buy in the UK?

Unfortunately, there is no legislation or legal requirement for furniture manufacturers, importers or retailers must meet in regard to nursery or children's furniture and VOC emissions. It is therefore possible to import or manufacture toxic furniture without any checks or quality control. 

A Chinese Factory Worker Spraying Paint on Furniture in an Unventilated Environment

How do you Avoid VOC's?

It is very important that any decorating should be done well in advance of a baby sleeping in that room, the room should be left to air with maximum ventilation for at least a few weeks, with a few months a more preferable timescale. In terms of furniture it is more difficult, it is often unclear how furniture is finished and more often than not the staff at a furniture store will not be able to tell you what kind of paint is used in their products. However, you can purchase Newjoy nursery and children's furniture with confidence, all of our furniture is finished using 3D and UV printing.

A UV Printing Machine in a Clean, Modern Factory Environment

Why Does 3D Printing and UV Printing Create a Safer Environment?

These modern manufacturing techniques apply the finish with a laser, the result is a finish which is 100% non-toxic. 3D and UV printing are far more bold and durable that non-VOC paints so it really is the perfect finishing technique for these types of furniture. Newjoy also manufacture all of their furniture using E1 grade MDF and HDPB, again these materials have been selected due to their non-toxic properties. 

The Newjoy Zuzo Nursery Wardrobe Demonstrating the Attractive Finish 3D Printing Can Create

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